Do you dream of a lively, happy and authentic relationship?


The world has changed, and you have a thousand new possibilities. That's why we dream of relationships that enrich and develop us. We want to love erotically and equally, smart and hopefully, simple and complex. We are looking for a balance between freedom and security, tension and safety. We want time for ourselves and time for our loved ones. We have long-distance relationships that question boundaries. We long for relationships that fit our lifestyle.

Furthermore, our love life affects our well-being. It's a simple formula. Happy relationships make us happier. Strained relationships make us more miserable.

And in reality?

However, in reality, we do not learn what it means to love. Neither at school, at university or work. As we lack this essential knowledge, we can not always live our visions of healthy and authentic relationships.

I want to change that. How? The explanation lies in the Love Flow Model developed by me.


The Love Flow-Model by Sharon Brehm

The Love Flow model explains in 3 simple steps why my service will make you happier.

1. Our relationships increase our well-being - or they lead to negative stress. Resources like shared values, hobbies and experience, division of tasks and intimate moments make us happier. Quarrels, bad compromises and injuries are burdens and influence us negatively. The goal is to increase resources and reduce burdens.

2- We define what a resource is and what a burden is. For example, we can see children as a resource that brings us closer, or as something that costs us time. We can perceive geographical distance as a problem because we have to organize ourselves better and goodbyes are tiresome. Alternatively, we see it as a way to discover new things and do “our stuff” during the week.

3. With me, you will learn how you can positively influence your relationship. In couple therapy and individual coaching, you transform burdens into resources. In my innovative Love Workshops, you develop additional resources. I am convinced that love is not just a feeling, but a skill we can learn. For this reason, I am with body and soul Love coach and couple therapist in Munich.