I am Dr. des.
Sharon Brehm 

As a love coach & systemic couples therapist I am convinced that we actively create lively, authentic and happy relationships.


Relationships are like travelling to unknown places, full of adventure and obstacles:

On this journey, we discover a wonderful person. We see the world with his or her eyes. And we get to know ourselves better. It’s simple: Love moves us.

Where is your journey going?


Couples therapy

If you want to raise children or travel the world with your favorite person, you have to pull together. If your relationship is not smooth sailing, I'll bring you back to balance.

Individual therapy

Love starts with yourself. Whether in a partnership or as a single. After all, you also have to climb a mountain with your own feet. I promise you, a fantastic view awaits you at the summit.

Love Workshop

Care is better than cure - this also applies to love. Treat yourself to a holiday from everyday life and discover yourself again at a Love Workshop.


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In love with Munich. At home in the world.

Do you like to be surprised in your everyday life? Do you love travelling to foreign places with people that mean a lot to you? Do you want a relationship that offers you tension AND stability, freedom AND intimacy? If you are longing for this, we have the same goal. And the same goal is a good condition for collaboration.