Your relationship. Your free space.

Couples therapy in Munich. In English and German.

Your life has changed through relocation, job or children, and the changes challenge your relationship? Your love life has fallen asleep? Do you constantly argue? Do you have a crisis that you can not solve alone?

This is normal. There are a thousand reasons for problems and misunderstandings today. Challenges in relationships are healthy and challenging times can occur in any partnership or marriage.

Challenges and tensions occur in every partnership and marriage. That's why I do not speak of couples therapy, but couple development. Just because your relationship is currently in trouble, you're not the same as a person. I invite you to turn a crisis into an opportunity. I am there as an expert.

There is nothing as artistic as to love people
— Vincent Van Gogh

What our cooperation looks like?

Each couple is different and accordingly, each grow process is different. I roughly structure our cooperation based on the following three questions.


1. Where are you right now?

What does your everyday life look like? What does intimacy or tension mean to you? Do you have any professional, health or other problems affecting your relationship?


2. Where do you want to go?

Do you want more liveliness? More harmony and stability? Do you need more clarity, freedom or passion? Is a view from the outside enough or do you need some inspiration?


3. How do you get there?

What resources do you already have? How can you influence your mindset? How can your favourite support you and vice versa?


Some couples need a suggestion and go through these steps in 1-2 appointments. In case of more substantial challenges, a change process can also extend over a quarter.

What makes me special?

  • I love people and where others see problems, I see potential

  • I am honest and understanding

  • I go into depth and do not like to "babble"

  • Several years of consulting experience with couples

  • A broad set of methods from systemic therapy

  • My expertise as an intercultural trainer

  • I advise in German and English


Your investment

For a professional change of perspective, you will invest € 149 per session. One session lasts 50 minutes. I recommend booking two sessions at a time. The initial double hour costs you only 149 € instead of 298 €. Thereby we get closer to your goals in the first hour. You have different possibilities to finance therapeutic support.


Arrange an appointment

Everything is going well for you and you do not want to slip into a relationship crisis?