About me


I am Dr. des. Sharon Brehm

and I believe that we can all create loving, lively and authentic relationships.

I love dark chocolate with nuts, pizza with extra cheese and my mother's Filipino spring rolls. I love David Bowie, Alabama Shakes and Rhye. I love TED talks and the rest after a tough yoga session. I love the thoughts of Eva Illouz, Esther Perel and Miss Jaida. Moreover, I love real-life love stories because they're better than any Hollywood movie. That is one of the reasons why I wrote my doctoral thesis on relationships between binationals.


Am I the right Love Coach for you?

One of the most essential aspects of couples therapy is the relationship you build with your therapist. If you are uncomfortable and open, the process will not work. These values are the foundation of my work:



I base my high-quality consultations on discretion, thorough preparation and continuous training.

That is why I am also a member of the DGSF e.V., cooperate with the nationwide Association for Binational Marriages and Partnerships IAF e.V. and am in constant supervision.



Love relationships are physical, emotional, intellectual, humorous and often intercultural. This liveliness determines my way of working, a combination of systemic therapy and intercultural communication.



Balance is not a static condition, but the ability to rely on your inner compass. I use intense emotions and authentic self-reflection as groundbreaking landmarks.



To be able to advise you competently, I have to know your inner map and know where you want to go. I break taboos and get to the point quickly. I look closely and offer you my observations as an opportunity for honest growth.

Therefore we can work together to find solutions that fit with you, your relationship and your life.



I offer you a protected frame without evaluation, guilt and shame. Instead, I stand for optimism, appreciation and development.

That's precisely how I see love and love guides each of my actions. It does not matter if I eat five scoops of ice cream - at one go and without a guilty conscience - or climb mountains over 5000m high.





  • I wrote my PhD on binational couples in the field of European Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology: It is a qualitative monography about long-distance relationships, the transformation of love and the integration of systemic methods.

  • I completed a two-year-long training as a systemic consultant and coach at the Münchner Institut für Systemische Weiterbildung MISW.

  • I am certified by the umbrella organization DGSF. Numerous studies validate the effectiveness of systemic approaches. Therefore, systemic therapy in Germany is classified as a scientifically recognized psychotherapy procedure.

  • I have a Master's degree in Eastern European Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. My focus lied among others on intercultural communication.

  • I conceptualize and realize intercultural trainings up to three days.

The conclusion of my thesis: Love is askill.

In my doctoral thesis, I have found that love is more than just a feeling. Love is a skill. We can learn to communicate. We can learn to be more understanding. We can learn what good sex means to us. We can learn in which areas we want to be creative and how we heal ourselves. So we can also learn to love.